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All You Need To Know About Airbnb Verifications

15 Aug , 2013  

Airbnb verifications exists for obvious reasons. It’s hard enough to build trust in the real world. Building trust online where people can be anonymous is even harder.

This is of course a problem Airbnb is trying to solve. And it has come up with various ways to solve the problem. One of the newest and perhaps most effective is its verification program. Hosts who want to make sure they get secure guests and vice versa would have probably heard of this before. If you are not sure exactly what verifications are, and if you want to find out just how Airbnb makes sure these verifications are legitimate, then read on.

What Exactly Are Verifications?

Check your public profile. Verifications will appear there like so:


These contain all ways other users can pin valid identification to you. These includes your online IDs, your email address, and your contact numbers (mobile or landline). With the verification of these, guest and hosts alike will be able to make a much more informed decision on whether they can trust you or not.

Aside from Trust What Are The Uses of Verifications?

Aside from building trust, there are other things verifications are good for. Did you know that as a host, you can actually require your guests to have specific types of verifications before they can make any reservation with your accommodation? This is a very nifty trick for hosts who get too many requests which can be a hassle to respond to. However, there is a caveat for this strategy as you will also have to complete the verification on your own information, particularly the information you want to be verified on your guests.

If a potential guest does not have a specific information in your profile which you feel they should have, you can kindly message them on your thread, requesting them to add that particular missing information or photo or suggest that they verify their phone, etc.

How Do You Complete Your Verifications?

Simply visit This is where you will have to complete verifying your Airbnb ID as well as your offline ID.  You can also connect to your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google profiles  for additional online verifications beefing up your profile.  Connecting your Airbnb account to your other accounts will give you an added boost since your network in Airbnb will widen.

Guest reviews and Airbnb photos are also counted as verifications for your account.

How is The Information Verified By Airbnb?

Some of you might have some doubts about how Airbnb conducts its verification process. The process is done through confirmation process sent through your contact mode. So your email, online and offline IDs, and phone numbers will receive an email, a text message, or a call. A confirmation code will be relayed this way which you will have to then input to your Airbnb account.

Airbnb then matches information from the users online IDs to data from offline IDs. These are done with the help of AIrbnb’s partners. The names on both online and offline IDs will have to match in order for the verification process to be completed.

There are some circumstances when Airbnb will need a guest to go through Checkpoint which means that their reservation requests will have to wait on hold for half a day (12 hours). This hold could be broken sooner, just as soon as the verification process is completed.

Airbnb’s vision for the future is that eventually, all of the users in the site will have verified information. This would be a great scenario as it will help increase security for everyone, not just for us hosts. After all, any anonymity or lack of information is something that destroys trust. And in this business, trust is everything.

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