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The First Airbnb Video Commercial for TV

16 Sep , 2013  

The Airbnb video commercial project planners has just recently released their commercial ad for television. For people who are used to the usual TV commercial with the hired impeccably dressed actor explaining to you why you should buy into the brand, this commercial will be utterly unfamiliar. Before you get into the video, it would be useful to explain just how the video was created.

The video is a crowd sourced video compilation. Some time ago, Airbnb tapped Vine’s six second movie app and announced that it would be creating the first Vine film using footage people will send to them. They then sent out very curious tweeted instructions to people from all over the world. Tweets like “take a shot of a paper plane flying through a grassy field”. You get the picture. They then collated all the films, handpicked, and edited the whole thing. The result is the following, gorgeously artful 4 minute film that is a step ahead of the garden variety, boring TV commercials we are so used to seeing.

Airbnb Video Commercial

So there you have it. The film, we think is really very effective and it would also be useful for us to understand why.

Why The New Airbnb Travel Film Is So Effective

The medium is the message. This must already be apparent most people who have seen the video. What better way to send your message about how the spirit of the sharing community and travelling than to have crowd sourced film created from home made videos by people from all over the world. That is probably one of the most powerful aspects of the film. The fact that people from continents and oceans away have sent these bits and pieces to create a whole that has a message about the sharing community, makes a very important statement and also evokes the kind of sentiment, the Airbnb brand has been going for, differentiating it against all other brands.

Short Films – Why Vines are The Thing

The video takes you to a journey as well. Starting from the office (as Airbnb wants to appeal to people who are sick of the humdrum office life), a piece of paper is then sent flying off and sees the open fields. Eventually even falling in love with an envelope and eventually being dumped into a trashcan and then recycled. It is all cleverly played out along with beautiful yet simple music accompaniment that is a sure fire way to tug at lonely heartstrings of those who long to travel and who long to find that kind of fulfillment only travelling gives a person.

The film then ends with the plane paper being an inspiration for other office paper to take flight and travel. And this cleverly summarizes what Airbnb is all about. The ending is both a great completing statement. Yet the ending does not feel that closed off since it starts of another wave of travel (something which Airbnb, of course, wants people to keep doing.) Kudos to the Airbnb Video Commercial for creating a clever ad that does not look at all like an ad, but in the end, delivers all the right marketing statements that the brand really aims to wear.

2 Responses

  1. Michael Milholland says:

    To whom it may concern,

    When I first saw your recent commercial on television, I was a little thrown by the same actress who had been in an Expedia commercial with the music of Grimes in the background. I do like the concept of visiting other places while staying people’s homes instead of a hotel and getting a more down to earth feeling of the places that you are visiting.

    My one concern with your commercial and I hear the same from friends and colleagues is that the background music fits more of a commercial investment, pharmaceutical drug, or retirement plan advertisement. It may inspire people in the office or people really like the weather channel music and maybe that is who you are targeting.

    If you are however going for a wider base of clientele it is just a suggestion to add more human voice interaction from those people that live in those places, international music (preferably more contemporary and upbeat). Something that gives a flavor of being a unique/cathartic experience that can only experienced by living in that moment however brief.

    anyway, just a thought,

    To success of your vision, may it flourish,


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