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All About Airbnb Fees For Cleaning

21 Oct , 2013  

Calculating Airbnb Cleaning Fees

If you are a host in Airbnb, you will want to have full knowledge of all Airbnb fees and also have full control for setting and editing your cleaning fees. This can be done if you go to the pricing settings. Just remember to take account of all the possible extra expenses you may need to pay for getting your space squeaky clean before your new guests arrive.

Set your cleaning fee

Also, be aware that cleaning fees are added automatically. They show right up to reservations. This is sometimes not the case for those other hosts, who want to give out special offers which are supposed to be all-inclusive (this is something you might want to do as well and will be discussed below). Generally speaking, the cleaning fee should be a part of the total for the reservation and will not be returned to the guest at the end of his or her reservation period. In short, you as a host will get it at the payout at the end of the reservation. Another thing you have to remember is that the cleaning fee should not be charged per night, it should be a one-time fee for the entirety of the guest’s stay. Also take note that when guest search through listings, they will see the cleaning fee reflect as inclusive in the entire rate.

Figure out the total price for your guests to see

The price that is visible to your Airbnb guest, how is it calculated? Simple: it is derived by dividing the declared cleaning fee by how many nights they stayed for the duration of their reservation. Then you add that number to your usual or declared nightly rate. To make it simple, here is a sample.

Say that your guest reserved your room for a total of 5 nights and your listing rate is 120 dollars per night. Also, lets assume that your cleaning fee is set at 30 dollars. The resulting equation would look like this:

30/5 + 120

Then multiply that again by the number of nights and you have:

630 dollars (note that this is before your service fee)
Airbnb fees for cleaning

So there you have it. That should give you a very good picture of the total price and how this will turn off or maybe turn on potential guests who search through the listings for cheaper rooms. Before they send in their official reservation for your room, your potential guests will see the cleaning fee listed separately only in the total breakdown.

This is very important and will definitely help you gauge your guest or client behavior. Hosts with brand spanking new listings will find that using this insight will be very important in determining not only how attractive your listing is for its value, but also whether your cleaning fee is worth it, too high, etc.

One last tip, those hosts who do not feel like putting in cleaning fees would do well to head Airbnb’s suggestion for a security deposit. After all, cleaning expenses can be expensive tedious and you never know what kind of mess a guest is capable of doing to your room and linen. Then you should add an explanation in your house rules that guests should keep the cleanliness by themselves.

Now that you know these tips, we hope you have great luck with your Airbnb fees calculating and hosting experience!

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