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Being Considerate To Your Airbnb Neighbors

25 Sep , 2013  

The problem with Airbnb neighbors in New York is that people in a building or apartment community want to be protected from random strangers coming in and out of their supposedly exclusive neighborhoods. As much as possible, neighbors want access to their neighborhood to be kept safe from other people who they know nothing about. Hearing that strangers come in to their buildings, some neighbors might flip their lids. Having access to an apartment complex for example, could give rise to theft and other possible complications. But that is not the only problem. Exclusivity is not just about safety. It is also part of what divides social classes. Let’s talk about a preconceived stereo type as an example: rich people are afraid of letting in poor people because they are afraid of being robbed. As simplistic as that may sound, there is reason behind that fear. Even though sometimes, this fear of your neighbor, fear of other people who are different from you, gives rise to prejudice. Sometimes, these fear take too much of people’s lives and keep them from adventures, new friends and experiences, new opportunities, etc. It also gives rise to disconnection. And Airbnb is all about making connections.

So for the interest of your Airbnb neighbors:

what are the things that you could do or should keep in order for them to not be too afraid? You may feel sometimes that your neighborhood is different, more understanding. You may feel that you don’t really need to arouse their suspicion by actually telling them that you are letting in people to your home and letting them stay a while. But in the long run, talking to your neighbors might actually be simpler and more beneficial to you and your business. Here is are a couple of things you might want to clarify with them or consider:

Regulations in Your New York Building

These are different from your own house rules but you will want to inform your guests about this as well. Simple things like these can go unnoticed. But you have to know your building rules and you might want to notify your neighbors that you will be having guests. But if you remind your guest of building rules and tell them to avoid bothering your neighbors, you might avert headaches in the future. Some guests might think socializing or asking for neighbors to buzz them in is alright, but this might bother your neighbors unnecessarily. Some buildings might actually ban smoking in certain areas. Or you yourself might ban it in your room, thus driving guests to smoke in places that your neighbors might smell. Plan ahead in these scenarios and write up big signs and designated areas for smoking. Inform your guests promptly. Parking rules for example are some of the most clearest things you have to inform your guests who have cars. Most buildings have prescribed guest parking spaces.

Minimizing Guest Noise

Other things that might bother your neighbor is noise. Some guests make a lot of noise. No surprise there. They are, after all, in a vacation. But you have to be diligent and remind them that they are not in a hotel, they are in another neighborhood. There must be a limit and small rules about making noise. Partying is something prohibited by some hosts but you don’t always have to go that far. You might also have to be selective about your guests. Those with toddlers or pets will be an issue. Not only will children and pets likely make noise, they might also make a mess. So it all depends on the kind of space and neighborhood that you have. Take them into consideration. If there is a pet hotel nearby, you might want to use that for guests with pets.

Think of your neighbors. That is not just something they teach at school or church. In the long run, this will protect your business’ sustainability. Hope this article helps you with that and with your Airbnb neighbors, whether in New York any other City.

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