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Remote Hosting Tips for your BnB

8 Nov , 2013  

Last week, an article on about someone who bought an apartment specifically to rent out on Airbnb went viral. It’s very interesting and there are a lot of golden nuggets of knowledge for any bnb host. Basically, the blogger, Jon Wheatley bought an apartment last 2012 and documented how it all went. He was managing the room remotely so he had to find ways to make tasks easier and automated. Think about those possibilities! Whether you are a host who wants to manage your own accommodation hands on or do it remotely as well, here are some great takeaways most hosts should also find useful.

1. Get a reliable cleaner

Jon had to do things remotely and of course, cleaning and managing his place would be impossible if he did not hire a suitable property manager or cleaner. According to him, he found one on Craigslist and the payment per month was $200. It covered “unlimited” cleanings which sounds like a sweet deal. The problem here of course is finding someone on Craigslist that you can trust with your apartment keys. Apparently, this cleaner eventually took over the management of the entire listing and was tasked with communicating with the guests. Sounds too good to be true but it can be possible if you are lucky enough.

2. Buy more sets of linen, towels, etc than you think you would need

This makes the cleaning process less hectic and also the cleaner (or you) can do a large batch of washing at one time without having to worry about the replacements between guest check ins. Pretty simple but not a lot of hosts actually do this. There are some of those I know who only buy two to three sets! That can be quite tricky, especially in case of an accident. You will need to replace linen or towels right away.

3. Buy a Nest and a Lockitron

For those who do not know what a Nest is, it is sort of a programmable learning thermostat that has many features to help save you money from energy bills. You can turn your heating or cooling on and off remotely, but best of all, it has a feature called “auto away” that shuts off the air conditioning or heating if it senses that no one is inside the room for a certain amount of time. It’s brilliant and will save you a lot of money in the long run especially since some guests forget turning off heating and cooling. You can also use it remotely via your smartphone in order to determine whether your guest has already arrived in the house/room or not yet.

Remote hosting tips

A Lockitron on the other hand, is a device that lets you control your home lock remotely. It also has a nifty feature that lets your guests’ smartphone gain the ability to unlock your door for a specified period of time. Meaning you can leave the key inside the house and not have to do a key exchange anymore! Those times when guest flights get delayed will no longer be a logistical bedlam where you end up wasting hours and hours just to wait for the guest.

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