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What are your Airbnb Host Responsibilities?

20 Sep , 2013  

Being a “good” Airbnb host is not just something people assume since they do not understand airbnb host responsibilities. Yes it is obviously a good way to do business and a way to make sure you get good reviews and more bookings in the future. But the fact is, being a good Airbnb host is a requirement as well. It is your obligation as Airbnb attests. And that’s not just some idealistic moral lesson. Your guests can actually report you or get their money back if you are not a “good” host. So what are your responsibilities or obligations as an Airbnb host?

Airbnb Host Responsibilities

All rentals in Airbnb have to meet what is called the “minimum quality standards” in terms of cleanliness, safety, and also accessibility. They should also not be falsely advertised in your listing. Thus everything you say in your listing should be consistent with the actual rental room or space. You can find this in the Airbnb page as well, but here we have spelled things out more so that it would be much easier to understand. Here are the criteria a host has to be sure to take care of:

-        Make sure that your space is thoroughly clean even before your guest comes over. Also, fresh and clean sheets and towels should be provided. What does that mean? No stains, no smells, no dead vermin, no trash, etc.

-        The appliances as well as all amenities that are listed should not be broken and should be present. These could include things such as TV, hair dryers, internet connection, fans, etc.

-        The same thing goes for whatever utilities you have listed in your Airbnb ad. They should be fully functioning. Therefore, all your listed electricity, temperature control, plumbing, bathroom shower, sinks, faucets, etc should be in good working condition.

-        This one is obvious but has to be stated as some hosts might feel it is irrelevant: All your space’s windows, doors, and most especially all the locks, should all be working.

-        You must provide pictures of your space that are true to life and current. Of course a photo taken years ago would show a new, fresher space, and therefore would be misleading.

-        The presence of anything that might disturb guests, such as noises, pets, etc. as well as any other major issue, should be clearly communicated. This means you should most likely add them to the description or at least message your host if something new comes up.

-        There should be nothing in the space that would pose as a safety or health threat. This could include faulty wiring, pests, etc.  A safety threat is something obvious but others may not be obvious to you so you might want to consult a professional if you feel you need to.

-        There should be adequate lighting present. Also, lighting should be safe, meaning gas lamps placed near palm fronds or something of that nature is a no-no.

-        You as a host, or someone who represents you should be available at all times for the guests needs within a 24 hour time period which starts the moment your guest comes to check in.

-        Finally, and most important of all, your space should have all the legal issues properly taken care of. This would be further discussed in our other articles.

The Same Responsibilities as Hotels and Travel Lodgings

So there you have it. What is a good host really? If you can simply answer that fully and with enough common sense, common decency, and really, a dose of empathy, you probably wouldn’t even need this list to check on whether you are being a responsible host for Airbnb.

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